DM Craft Bait Boats

Your Ultimate Fishing Accessory

Your Ultimate Fishing Accessory

DM Craft has been manufacturing bait boats since 1982, making us the oldest Bait Boat Manufacturers in South Africa. The Bait Boats have been engineered and manufactured to a high standard of dependability and ease of operation. Properly cared for, it will give you years of trouble free performance, reliable and enjoyable service. 

DM Craft Bait Boats are the only boats that carry a warranty on all workmanship, the motor as well as the radio (dependent on the reason for malfunction). 

A majority amount of parts are manufactured on site, therefore there are always spares available. Because of this, we can keep the price of the Bait Boats and the repairs needed, to a minimum. 

Repairs, maintenance as well as upgrades can be done to all versions of DM Craft Bait Boats. 

DM Craft has proven their superiority. That is why we are the most widely copied (our boats and mechanisms). DM Craft has set the benchmark for all bait boat manufacturers and therefore has become a market leader.

We make different versions of the DM Craft Bait Boat, namely: 

The VIP - the most sought after of the DM Craft Bait Boat family

The VIP Grand - replacement of the popular VIP, faster, more maneuverable of the DM Craft Bait Boat Family 

The Executive - the biggest of the DM Craft Bait Boat Family 

The Express - the baby of the DM Craft Bait Boat Family 

We also do a Deluxe version of these DM Craft Bait Boats, which include a Speed Control - the boat speeds up proportionally to the movement of the Transmitter stick; you can remotely operate the lights. It is optional with a reverse function. 

Please contact a distributor / us, if you want a price in upgrading your existing DM Craft Bait Boat.